Artistic approach: trees and god-trees

Artistic approach: trees and god-trees

Artistic approach: trees and god-trees

Before I began this serie, I had so many choices. But I choosed trees. You would ask me why. Why my art focuses on trees, why did I do trees painting during almost two years ?

"The Red One" - aquarelle sur papier 30x30cm par Serely
“The Red One” – aquarelle sur papier 30x30cm par Serely

At the begining : the roots of the Creation Tree

I paint trees because the are noble and beautiful. They are a vertical link between sky and earth, and walking among trees is like walking on a medieval cloister. Silent, solemn, and teeming with ancestral knowledge. Thanks to their ages and their way to be, they testify an unknown time. Silent and patience are their lessons. The goal of every brush strokes I made is to make me closer of them.

Then, trees are universal symbol. Anecdotal things appeal me : it can be caught and it is universal. What can you find more anecdotal than a tree among every others trees ? It is by sublimating the anecdotal that one touches universality. And that was the heart of my approach. Even if Babel Tower had falled, pictures keeps talking to everyone. If you show a tree picture to a human, whatever the tree, human would recognize it.

The vegetal trunk: the life and the universal order

A tree of life exists in (almost) every human’s cultures. It creates the link between heaven, earth and underground. It rythms the differents states of the soul, from birth to death. It represents knowledge, and universal order. To know univers’s secrets, your spirit has to know how to travel in the roots, trunks and branches, up and down.

So I made several paintings of trees to tell the unspeakable, the metamorphosis of the human soul. This link between the human and the tree has manifested itself on various occasions, notably thanks to the painting “The One Who Talks to the Dead”.

“Celle qui parlait aux morts” – Aquarelle sur papier 42×29.7 par Serely

This is the Goddess-Tree dedicated to make pass death souls from life to death. Souls do not know what it is about to happen to them. So she welcomes them, her organical arms largely open. Her supernatural light guides them to her. She does not move, but she is full of life, she totaly ignore the spectator, she is full concentrated on her duty.

Thus are born the tree-gods, founding elements of my mythology. Trees live on our human’s imagination, and when we incarnate them, the become archetypal form which talk to our inconscient.

The foliage: watercolor paintings of trees

The main used medium for this paintings were watercolor. Only wetercolor could make the thin and bright details I wanted. Foliage are harmonious.


Watercolor is my favourite medium, and I make it of my own now. I fabric it with gum arabic . It comes from a tree ! I found this binder perfect to make a series of tree paintings. This binder consists of acacia sap, and encourages a respectful production for the supplier tree.

Not only this binder is poetic, but also it used on the whole world from antiquity. Traces of gum arabic were found in Egyptian tombs, but also in Asia, where tempera is queen. Like the tree, the watercolor is universal.

If you wish to discover my tree paintings, I invite you to click here : Serely Art – trees and god-trees


Thank you for reading this !

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